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Family Literacy
Community Initiatives
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Making Work, Work for You
I yéi jinéiyi, i jeyées yéi jinganéi

The Making Work, Work for You program (I yéi jinéiyi, i jeyées yéi jinganéi) is a 12- week hands-on learning program that started in Carcross in July 2020. It is designed to help participants plan, develop and operate a small business. The program is also designed to foster an entrepreneurial spirit and encourage and support personal wellness through physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health.

With a high concentration on hands-on learning, the participants of the program have already experienced running multiple pop-up businesses at the Whitehorse Outdoor Fireweed Community Market in Shipyards Park. This has been a great opportunity to practice the skills needed to run a small business from start to finish. The participants have experimented with a traditional bannock recipe and created new flavours weekly to sell at the market. They sell the fresh bannock with hand-picked fireweed flower jelly, and sweetened earl grey tea with fireweed simple syrup.