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Our Approach
At the Yukon Literacy Coalition
We use a non-formal, strength-based approach to meet the needs of learners. We believe in the importance of tapping into and building on the natural talents of participants by providing structured learning in a flexible way. We deliberately embed Literacy and Essential Skills (LES) into non-formal learning or training. Content, culture and LES are three strands braided seamlessly together to make a successful program.
We deliver embedded LES programs, using non- formal learning which is structured learning planned in a flexible way. Our non- formal learning includes using a strength- based approach, making our programs learner centred, using clear language, offering a safe and respectful environment, making the programs accessible, and inclusion of healing and wellness.
We are all learners.
Literacy and Essential Skills
LES are the skills that people need and use in all aspects of their lives including the workplace. These skills provide a foundation for learning other skills for work and life, and help workers advance in their jobs and adapt to changes in their workplaces.