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Youth Financial Literacy
Empowering Youth

Youth Financial Literacy involves teaching youth the importance and value of money. Financial literacy is important for youth as it empowers them to make good financial decisions and helps build a positive relationship with money, increasing the chances of youth having financially secure lives as adults.

We identified the need for a Yukon specific, youth-focused financial literacy training that met the unique circumstances and needs of our Yukon Youth. We provide youth with relevant information that allows them to learn, understand and develop the skills required to become more confident and informed about the decisions they make regarding personal finances and their futures. This approach allows us to meet our youth where they are at and tailor learning and skill development to the unique circumstances of specific youth, their communities and their stage in life.

The program consists of a variety of workshops suitable for ages 5-18. Younger ages learn basic concepts about money such as what is money, earning money, and making spending decisions. For elementary ages, workshops focus on making a spending plan, saving, money responsibility, comparison shopping and understanding the difference between needs and wants. Older ages learn concepts that focus on saving goals, sources of income, making good financial decisions, reading paystubs, and budgeting basics.