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Family Literacy
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Family Literacy Resources
The Family Fun Book

A children's activity book for road trips!

Family Literacy Coupons - English

Use these coupons as a surprise in lunches or on pillows, as a reward for passing a math exam, as a gift in an Easter basket, as a payment for chores.

As a fun way to bring family members together!

Family Literacy Coupons - French

Nos coupons d'alphabétisation familiale. Une façon amusante de réunir les membres de la famille!

Rhyme Time

Fun learning with your toddler.

Dear Parents, Guardians and Teachers: All those nonsensical verses from your childhood really do matter. They matter, because they rhyme. Rhyming is fun. And it's very important part of reading success.

Yukon Road Trip Activity Book

A children's activity book for road trips!