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August 25th, 2021
Indoor Sensory Play

Stuck inside with your children on a dreary day?

Have no fear; the Literacy Coalition is here!

Everything you need to make a dull day around the house delightful can be found right in your own home. What’s the secret, you ask? Sensory Play!

Simply put, sensory play is any activity that stimulates our senses. If your child can see, taste, or hear what they are doing, that’s sensory play.

When we invite our children to use their senses – no matter what their age - we invite them to explore cause and effect, make new connections in their brains, build their physical abilities, and so much more. Sensory activities are very engaging, and great for keeping children occupied

Check out our Yukon News article below for some ideas for quick, easy, and fun sensory activities you can do at home.