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March 16th, 2022
Make your own Snow Cone

As a kid we are always told not to eat yellow snow, but what if that yellow snow is made especially to be eaten. Here is an at home way to get your snow cone fix!

First thing you need is a large stainless bowl or salad bowl to collect your snow supply (make sure not to collect the yellow snow at this point), the stainless bowl will prevent the snow from melting before you use it. It may also be best to leave the bowl somewhere cold while you collect your supplies to transform it into a tasty treat. Next thing to collect are your additives: a can of evaporated milk, and whatever fruit you want to include.

Take the evaporated milk and the fruit of choice and blend them together, once blended, you are simply going to fold it into the snow.

An alternative for those that can’t partake in dairy products, would be to simply add Kool-Aid mix to your bowl of freshly collected snow.

Viola! Snow Cones!

You can serve it in a bowl or in a cone if you feel so inclined.