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May 25th, 2022
Fiddle me This

With spring being in the air, it’s only right that we think about things that put a little spring in our step. So, tap those toes and do-si-do, let’s talk fiddle music! There’s no better time to dust off that old fiddle your uncle gave you, rosin up the bow, and scritch scratch screech.

There is something about that new spring light and the smell of melting snow that really evoke the sweet sounds of an old-time fiddle tune. Whether sawing away at an old reel, getting a little weepy to a waltz, or impressing everyone at the spring dance with your fancy footwork to the Red River Jig, it’s time to embrace your (secret?) love of that music that spans the generational divide.

While the library of great fiddle tunes is almost impossibly vast, check out the Yukon News article below for a few favorites to melt whatever ice around your heart remains after the long winter.